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As most of you know, I also blog on http://www.missysviewsandsavingsclues.com but this blog is more of a personal journey to healing, back to fitness, and a healthier, happier life.

What a lot of people don’t know and merely a few close people know. I’ve had an eating disorder from the time I was about 5 yrs. old. Growing up, though I had never been heavy so to speak, I constantly heard that I wasn’t good enough, I was constantly told how fat I was, from pre-teen through my thirties I was constantly told I looked pregnant or fat or did you gain weight? Even when I was 88 lbs. in my teens and 98 lbs. through a lot of my late teens and early twenties.

My eating disorder started off by skipping meals or merely eating something like a few crackers or an apple or a piece of cheese and that was it for the whole day.

Once I reached my teens I continued that even though I was very active with swimming, gymnastics as well as equestrian, however in my pre-teens I started throwing up most real meals I ate.

Throughout my 20’s and well into my 30’s this often continued, but I went on to meal replacement drinks.

Even into adulthood, even though I would spend as little time as possible interacting with that parent at times and I would do great during those times, even not purging for months on end, just one phone call, one holiday I would be right back to that, right back to being a mess, feeling shitty about myself, feeling fat and honestly feeling a bit worthless just like I did all throughout my childhood.

Literally, until I was 36 yrs. I could shop in the kid’s department for clothes and yes, I thought this way of life was alright. In fact, it has taken for that parent to pass away in 2016 to finally feel free. She could no longer hurt me; her words could no longer hurt me.

I’ve been plagued with knee and back issues since I was 14 after being a passenger in a car accident where the car hit a telephone pole on my side. From early on I was told so much I would not be able to do because of these injuries, however, I had never let it stop me, nor have I ever let the pain get the best of me. However, I’ll be honest the past 3 years I’ve totally let pain, the last few PCS’s, my husband’s surgery, and putting others before myself like I often do,  I am not fit as I usually am, and probably not healthy as I normally had been.

At the end of 2016, I finally reached a point of feeling free, ready to heal, ready to be healthy and fit like I am during the times I wasn’t interacting with that parent. I want me BACK and this is my journey back to me.

So, here on this blog, I will share my journey, lifestyle changes, things that are working, and things that aren’t, product reviews, my favorite brands and why as well as healthy recipes.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story Missy! Wow, I never knew you went through so much. You're a strong woman Missy, and I know you're going to come out on top with your new healthy journey.

    I, too need to be on a more healthier journey too. I don't like how much I weigh and need to start eating better. I'm currently working on it, it's hard, but I know I could do it.


  2. Lou, thank you for your kind words hon, I appreciate it. It is tough, no doubt about that, especially when there are just so many hours in the day and it seems like your list never ends! Here’s to a healthier 2017!