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** Missy was not monetarily compensated for this review, I was provided with Ancient Nutrition's Vanilla Bone Broth Protein as well as their Chocolate Keto Protein Powders for review, however, my views and opinions are my own and solely based good or bad on my or our experience with a product or service.

Hi Everyone!  Hope your Winter hasn't been too crazy, ours here has been, its been a mix of rain, heavy rain, hail, sleet, ice, raining big fat snow(not snow, not rain, not hail) thunderstorms and days of big fat fluffy snowflakes!  Which honestly hasn't been great for internet or power, but gosh we've enjoyed playing in the snow, but just not driving in it since our town is smaller and roads aren't often plowed, so thank goodness for 4X4!  Anyhoo...

For the month of February was sent some products to try from Ancient Nutrition and Dr Axe  and I'll be honest I was well reluctant as well as skeptical (you'll see why in a moment) 

Now a bit of background on me, in case this is your first time to one of my blogs, I've had an eating disorder as well as digestive issues for most of my life.  

I'm a Flexitarian, I try to eat balanced, stay hydrated, plus I Juice fast from time to time (I recently did a week-long one), I also regularly take probiotics, Green Juice as well as Bone Broth and Protein Powder as this is what works for me.  

Over the years I have been Vegan as well as Vegetarian thought it was by choice, also to be supportive of a friend who was Vegan and was struggling with it, also to see if it would help heal my digestive issues as well as to help recover from Cancer as a teen, but I've found Flexitarian works best for my body, but everyone's body is different, so be sure to listen to your body and your doctor.

Now for the reluctant and skeptical part!  lol Ok... So I was asked to try some products and well, I'll be honest I had a ton of questions and I was very and I mean VERY skeptical to do so! Why you ask??  Well, I was told about these products Ancient Nutrition's Bone Broth Protein as well as their Keto Protein powered by Bone Broth!  

During this month I was reviewing the Vanilla flavored Bone Broth Protein as well as the Chocolate flavored Keto Protein. 

Sorry.... first hubby feels I should add that he calls me a certain storybook character named "Goldie L." when it comes to Protein powders or even Green juices and to his dismay he is right!  I am literally that person who gets a protein powder for review or even purchases and if you know protein powders aren't often cheap.  Now hubby calls me this because I have what he calls a graveyard of ones that just didn't meet my standards or likes, we're talking ones I've opened and took one sniff and hated the smell and never, yep never tried!  I have one like that now I recently purchased a Matcha one and never tried as I can't get past the smell and I freaking love Matcha!  

So for a protein powder to make it past all my requirements like smell, consistency, taste, does it do it's job, can I blend it in a blender with frozen fruit, add it to overnight oats, cook it up in pancakes or hot oatmeal, mix it with water, milk of choice or make via lazy day blend "Blender Bottle" and isn't sicky sweet, or gritty, then it stands a chance!  lol

Well, to my total surprise these Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Powder and Keto Powders both made the cut and I plan on making the Bone Broth Protein a regular part of my routine.  Not the Keto one, but it has nothing to do with the product, I'm just not following a Keto plan, otherwise I would add this one as well.  

My one and only knock about either of these products is that I wish they were offered in a larger size, however, I've used them, especially the Bone Broth Protein Powder for a month daily and I still have about several more servings in it!

Now I enjoy using Bone Broth, however back to the skeptical part...  Bone Broth in a Vanilla Protein shake or  Chocolate Keto shake??  I mean come on, who the heck wants a flavored protein shake that tastes like meat?? That is what I totally thought about these products and I was more than prepared for it to taste that way in spite of what I was told about them!  Thank goodness I was so freaking wrong!

The Ancient Nutrition Vanilla Bone Broth Protein, as well as the Chocolate Keto Protein Powders, are not only tasty, though I do think the Vanilla one tastes more like Malted Milk, but, I enjoy Malted Milk so totally fine with me, but they both blend/mix up beautifully, are not gritty, not chalky,  play well with other flavors or spices you may add to them, are not meaty tasting, just tasty and that is even if I use the blender bottle!  

Even my husband who nearly passed out when I said I really liked them, thinks they are darn tasty!  

So if you have been on the fence about Bone Broth Protein Powders like I was, both Ancient Nutrition's  Bone Broth Protein Powder and Keto Protein are a great way to go, at least they have been for me, I really like them and like I said I am adding the Bone Broth Protein Powder to my regular routine as I really like the results I am getting in terms of gut health.  I personally take mine at night and I am now having little to no  (usually no) nighttime digestive issues, which for me is a huge thing!  But again, please know your body and talk with your doctor about supplementation first.  


      Neutral Flavor Mixes Great in Water, Juices, Smoothies or Your Favorite Recipes
·         20g of Protein per Serving, 2g Carbs, 1g Sugars, NOT A LOW-CALORIE FOOD
·         Paleo Friendly
·         Featuring Collagen Type II; Glucosamine; Chondroitin; Hyaluronic Acid; And 19 Amino Acids
·         Non GMO
·         BPA Free Container
·         NOTICE: Use this product as a food supplement only. Do not use for weight reduction.

  • Keto Performance Fuel
  • Keto Friendly, Paleo Friendly
  • 11g Fat, 15g Protein, 3g Carbs
  • Contains Approximately 50mg of Caffeine per Serving from Organic Coffee Fruit
  • Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Grain Free
  • See nutrition information for saturated fat content.
  • Powered by Bone Broth
Keto PROTEIN Chocolate supports the keto diet and lifestyle in four ways:
 It features a macronutrient profile with an ideal ratio of fat-to-protein-to-carbs.
·         It has a high ratio of fat to carbs, which is the primary fuel source for keto fans.
·         It contains caffeine from organic coffee fruit.
·         It features organic adaptogens for energy and performance while supporting a healthy response to stress.†
Keto PROTEIN features fats from organic chicken bone broth oil and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) from coconut.

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***Before taking any supplements or anything really and especially if your pregnant, nursing or may become pregnant or have a pre-existing medical condition or are on any medications please consult your doctor. I am not a Doctor, nor a representative of Genuine Health, I am merely a blogger that has been provided this product for review and are giving my thoughts based on my health and experience with this product!***


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