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* Missy's Views and Savings Clues was not monetarily compensated for this review, I was provided with Genuine Health's Advanced Gut Health 50 Billion CFU Mood Daily Care Probiotic for review, however, my views and opinions are my own and based on my or our experience with a product or service.

I am currently reviewing another Genuine Health's Advance Gut Health Probiotics, their new 50 billion CFU Daily Care Mood formula and seeing that many of us may have over-done it during the holidays or are looking to get healthier or maybe like me you've taken them for years.

Having struggled with an eating disorder for most of my life, I’ve had digestive issues throughout my life as well. I was diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer when I was 9 yrs old, and with Diverticulitis when I was in my teens.

So, as you can imagine I am, not one of those people who can just eat anything they want and there are times when I “pay with gut pain” so to speak if I do. So, I’ve learned long ago to just listen to my body about what and how much of something I eat.

I'm a Flexitarian, I try to eat balanced, stay hydrated, plus I Juice fast from time to time (I just did a week-long one), and I also regularly take probiotics, as this is what works for me.

My gut health can be a fine line as not having gut issues or when I am having gut issues and eating can be pretty painful, which can make it easy for me to slip back to my old ways or the very least restrictive eating.

Though I've used probiotics for years and know they are beneficial. What I didn't know about was that there are several types of Probiotics, before trying Genuine Health's Advanced Gut Health Probiotics the first time (different formula), I had only known about 3 strains of them as most of the Probiotics I’ve tried merely have 1-3 strains.

After using Genuine Health's Advanced Gut Health 50 Billion CFU Daily Care Mood Probiotic which has 15 strains I've actually feel the difference in the way I feel as well as how my gut feels, to test this out I went back on my old brand for about 4 days as that was all I could handle! Wow, what a difference, in just the 4 days that I had gone back to my old brand, no change in diet, I was bloated, had indigestion like you wouldn't believe, I was nauseous,  and my gut wasn't happy!

I selected the "Mood formula" since we live in a state that has all 4 seasons and in the Winter, we get some snow and a lot of rain, which can make for some blah days!

When Genuine Health asked if I wanted to try out another of their Probiotics that I had not tried before I happily accepted, as I had really liked the other formula of theirs the 15 Billion CFU Daily Care, after all a healthy gut is a happy gut which makes for a happy me as well!

Since using the Genuine Health's Advanced Gut Health Probiotics I have found that I have a bit more energy, not dragging my booty by early evening, and have very few digestive issues, though I have only been on this formula for 2 weeks, and it is not quite time for my monthly diverticulitis flare up so I will continue to use to see if the results continue.

Your gut health can affect so many things and you wouldn’t even know it. When your gut health is off, your immune system can be off, your skin can be affected, your sleep, as well as your energy levels and even regularity, can all be affected.

With our busy lives, it can be so tough to make ourselves a priority.  So, we need to find the little things that can help, like a bit of extra sleep, a little time to decompress from our day, a bit of Yoga, laugh, enjoy a breath of fresh air, appreciate the little things in life as they are often bigger than you know and talk to your doctor and see if a supplement like Genuine Health's Advanced Gut Health Probiotic is right for you.

Genuine Health's Advanced Gut Health Probiotics are also available in 3 new formulas Woman's Daily, Mood and UTI.

***Before taking any supplements or anything really and especially if your pregnant, nursing or may become pregnant or have a pre-existing medical condition or are on any medications please consult your doctor. I am not a Doctor, nor a representative of Genuine Health, I am merely a blogger that has been provided this product for review and are giving my thoughts based on my health and experience with this product!*******

How is Genuine Health's Advanced Gut Health Probiotic different?

They are available in 15 or 50 Billion CFU's.

*Contains 15 Strains chosen to mimic human gut flora
*Strenght is Guaranteed at the time of Expiry
*Clean and hearty strains
*Unique delayed-release capsules targets the gut for maximum impact
*Is a product of Canada
*Helps support digestive health
*Helps Maintain Bacteria That May Be Beneficial

Plus they are:

Shelf stable

Easy to swallow (for me at least!)

Did you know that diet, toxins, antibiotics and stress (yes stress) all affect our gut health?

1. Probiotics are the 3rd most used specialty supplement
2. Probiotics not only support digestive health, they help support your immune system by aiding in an internal balance and they also support regularity.
3. That at least 60% of immune cells are in your intestines
4. Probiotic-rich foods include: Yogurt, Kefir, Sauerkraut, Miso, Tempeh, and Kimchi
5. Between 500, and 1000 different species of Bacteria live in our guts!


• Help replenish beneficial bacteria after antibiotic use
• Help support your immune system
• Digestive support for a naturally healthy digestive system

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is no

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Multiforce Alkalizing Multi-Mineral Dietary Supplement Powder Giveaway ~ 2 Winners! Ends 2/28 @Multiforce_USA

Thank you for stopping by the blog today and if you like giveaways be sure to check out the others listed here Missy's Views and Savings Clues as well as on I've Been Waiting On You and We're Pawsitively Home, plus there are more to come!  Take care and Good Luck Missy❤️️

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